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Our academic program at CPRS is designed to prepare students for continued achievement following graduation.  The foundations that students receive here enable them to excel in their chosen field, whether their plans include higher education, technical or trade schools, or entering the work force.


Curriculum and text materials differ by grade level.  They include A Beka,

Glencoe/McGraw Hill, Harcourt, Saxon, and Spalding phonics (elementary),

Glencoe/McGraw Hill (middle school social studies, science, and mathematics),

Houghton Mifflin and DC Heath (middle school language arts) and

Glencoe/McGraw Hill and Houghton Mifflin (high school).  All materials are

reviewed for content and are supplemented through additional resources

and activities.


Core classes of language, science, math, and social studies are part of the

educational process from elementary through high school, and are

supplemented with other classes relative to the grade level.




CPRS participates in several testing programs designed to measure the effectiveness of our learning methods and to assist in identifying any needs that require further attention.  The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is administered to our students in 2nd through 9th grades annually. These tests are compared with results of students in the same grades across the nation. Our average scores are consistently higher than the national average.

The Pre-ACT Test is administered every fall to all students in 11th grade, as well as 
some in 10th grade. This test can qualify students for the National Merit Scholar competition.

ACT application packets are made available for high school students who wish to take this test.  It is administered at several local public high schools.  The average score of our students has consistently exceeded both the national and state averages every year.


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