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Computer Use


There are strict rules regarding use of the school computers. Rules are posted in the computer rooms and library. Any student who wishes to print from a disk or flash drive must have the computer instructor check for viruses and give approval for use. Failure to have the disk or flash drive cleared in advance may result in demerits for disregarding instruction. If a virus is introduced from the use of a disk flash drive, demerits may be issued for vandalism.

Extracurricular Activities





Issues regarding rules, guidelines, behavior, etc., for athletic events are covered in the CPRS Athletic Handbook. Any issues that remain unanswered may be directed to the Athletic Director or School Administrator.




During after-school activities and programs, all children are to stay with a parent or sponsor where the activity is held. Elementary age children (K-5) are not to attend these events without a parent or responsible adult. Proper behavior is expected at all times. Even the in gym, students should not be permitted to run freely after extracurricular activities.    


CPRS reserves the right to exclude any non-CPRS student from any school-sponsored activity or from the facility.





Students must have a 2.5 or better GPA, no letter grade of D or F, and fewer than 25 total demerits issued throughout the year in order to run or serve as class officers, student body officers, or officers in any school organization. A first semester and Tri-5 grade check will be performed prior to spring elections to ensure that candidates are in compliance. For elections held in the fall, first and second semester grade and demerit checks for the previous year will be performed to ensure that candidates are in compliance.


After the terms begin, grade checks will be performed at weeks 12, 18, and 30 during the school year to determine whether current officers are in compliance.





Students may not have more than one D and no F in any subject in order to participate in athletics or other extracurricular activities. Students may still participate in practices or rehearsals while they are ineligible for games and performances.


Students will not be considered ineligible if a class in which they have an unsatisfactory grade does not afford them the opportunity to raise the grade within the next week.


If a student accumulates more than five demerits in a week, he or she is ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities for the following week. If a student accumulates 25 or more demerits for the year, he or she is ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities until the total drops below 25.





All transportation to and from activities outside the school building must be coordinated by a CPRS faculty or staff member. Parents who assist in transporting students must complete an auto liability insurance form, stating that they have the following minimum coverage: bodily injury per person ($50,000); bodily injury per vehicle ($100,000); property damage per vehicle ($50,000). Students are not allowed to transport other students to any school-related activity.





Center Place Restoration School encourages our students to listen to music that lifts their spiritual, moral, and academic life. We request the support of our parents in this policy.

Off-Campus Activities


If a CPRS student is involved in a non-CPRS activity that compromises the integrity of the school or conflicts with the Holy Scriptures or with the Student Covenant set forth in this handbook, the following procedures will be enacted:


1)   Any individual, including school personnel, wishing to bring charges against a student must be willing to be identified. If a crime has been committed and charges have been brought by a civil authority, the school has sufficient cause for action.


2)   Charges that are significant enough to warrant action should be brought to the attention of the School Administrator or a member of the Board of Trustees. Charges which involve events or activities of a parent/guardian, may result in the discontinuation of their student at the school.


3)   If the accusations are firm or investigation is requested, the School Administrator may ask for a special meeting of the Board of Trustees. After discussion, the Board of Trustees, with the School Administrator, will determine the need for investigation.


4)   In the event that an investigation is authorized, the School Administrator is empowered to seek out information from any and all sources to present to a special Disciplinary Committee of the Board of Trustees. This committee will review the administrative recommendation before it is announced to those involved. If the committee does not agree with the proposed administrative action, it will be presented to the entire Board of Trustees for discussion.


5)   After the School Administrator and the Board of Trustees reach an agreement upon action to be taken, it will be presented to the individual and parent/guardian charged.

Physical Relationships / Activity


Sexual abstinence will be taught, as contained in the Scriptures, as an ongoing principle of CPRS. Inappropriate physical contact is unacceptable behavior on school property, at any school function, or extracurricular activity.


Any student who is proven to be sexually active and/or becomes pregnant or causes another to become pregnant will be automatically suspended from CPRS for at least one year. After one year, the School Administrator will be empowered to review the case, if requested, and would only react in a favorable fashion when convinced of deep and sincere repentance and a commitment to abstinence. A positive administrative recommendation must be presented to the Board for final approval.


If a student persists in discussing improprieties of sexuality in and around the school, he or she will be severely reprimanded, and if such conduct does not cease, will be suspended from school with no opportunity to ask for readmission for one semester.


Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Any proven advance, action, or request that is suggestive or explicit in nature will result in discipline of the offending student, which may include demerits, suspension, or expulsion.  Inappropriate advances through any means – verbal statements (person-to-person or by messenger), written messages (notes, phone texts, email, etc.), gestures, or physical actions – will be dealt with immediately and to the full extent of school policy.

Extracurricular Activities
Off-Campus Activities
Physical Relationships/Activity
Computer Use
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