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Today we come before the throne in humble reverence bowed
To dedicate this holy place, that it will be endowed,
Not only as a testimony of Thy wondrous power
But for the sake of Zion's youth in this, the final hour.




For the summons has been sounded-- can you hear the battle cry?
God is raising up His army and the victory draweth nigh.
Rise up and take a stand today for righteousness and truth.
Lift high the flag of freedom now, march onward Zion's youth!


The Spirit dwells within each room and through each sacred hall
For more than simply mortar, stone, and wood -- each hallowed wall
Has been erected, built, and placed for this appointed time
When Zion's youth would heed the call and enter courts sublime.



For the tender lives that come here now, we pray the shield of faith.
Daily may they walk with God and see Him face to face.
And for the teachers that will teach them now, grant wisdom, truth, and light.
May they speak with the tongues of angels as they teach with power and might

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