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Attendance Procedures


School begins at 8:25 AM. Students may enter the building at 7:30 AM and go to the Sorensen Room (cafeteria). They will be released to their classrooms at 8:10 AM. They will be counted tardy if not in class by 8:25 AM. The school day ends at 3:15 PM. All students are to collect the items they are taking home and are to exit the building at 3:15 PM.


Students in grades 1 through 5 are to exit through the east door and proceed to the east parking lot waiting area. Students in grades 6 through 12 are to exit through the north door (by the office) and proceed to the east parking lot waiting area. The only exceptions are student drivers and their passengers, who are to exit through the west door near the gym. Students are not to re-enter the building unless approved by the school staff on duty. Students must be picked up by 3:30 PM. If there is an emergency that affects the pick-up of your child, call the school office to make arrangements.


Students involved in an extracurricular activity are to report to that activity immediately and are to remain with the sponsor of that activity until dismissed. They are not to go to other areas of the building when dismissed; rather, they are to exit the building immediately or wait with their sponsor until they are picked up. Late pick up is a privilege; students who do not comply with the rules may lose that privilege as determined by the School Administrator.





Many off-campus scholarships and programs (MPI, Summit Tech, Herndon, A+ Program, etc.) require a minimum attendance percentage in order for a student to be eligible and accepted. Attendance is a strong character-building quality that we want to strive to develop at Center Place Restoration School. It is important that a student be regular in attendance to gain the most from school. A student may not participate in school activities on a day when he or she is not in attendance unless in compliance with the extracurricular rules for that activity, or unless administrative approval is given.


Excused absences include illness, appointments, family emergencies, school events, and other reasons that might be deemed appropriate by the School Administrator on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the parent must have contact with the school office (telephone, note, or email) on the date of the absence(s). If there is no contact or the absence does not fall within the accepted reasons outlined above, the absence is considered unexcused.


On the high school level, students who miss 10 or more days per semester in any one class may not receive credit for that class. Exceptions for unavoidable crises will be taken into consideration. Families who wish to appeal may schedule a meeting with the School Administrator.





No student is allowed to leave school early without permission from the School Administrator. If your child needs to leave school early, please send a note with your child (or contact the office) stating the reason and time of checkout. A custodial parent must give permission each time a student needs to be checked out early. Students will not be waiting in the office for the parent to arrive; they will be called down from class when the parent arrives in the building to pick them up. Any early checkout must sign out through the office prior to leaving the building. Parents are requested to keep the number of early checkouts to a minimum. 





Seniors who qualify may participate in the early dismissal program.  Information is available in the Counselor’s office. Students must meet all criteria in order to participate.





All work that was assigned prior to the date(s) of absence will be due on the first day a student returns to school.


Students who have an excused absence have one day for each day missed to turn in all work that was assigned during the absent period. For instance, if a student misses Monday and Tuesday (two days) and returns on Wednesday, he/she has Wednesday and Thursday (two days) to complete the work assigned during the absence, with those assignments due on Friday.


Students who have an unexcused absence are required to turn in all work that as assigned during the absent period on the day after their return. For instance, if a student misses Monday and Tuesday (two days) and returns on Wednesday, all work assigned during the absence is due on Thursday.


Remember, it is the student's responsibility to talk with the teacher regarding making up work from absences. In the elementary grades, we ask parents to work with the teachers.






Although there are occasions when students cannot avoid being late, good planning should allow most students to arrive on time throughout the school year. Students may go to their classes at 8:10 AM and are to be seated in class by 8:25 AM. Anyone who is not in class at the appointed time is recorded as tardy, so it is important to note that if a student has an emergency reason for leaving class before 8:25 AM, he or she should report to the teacher prior to leaving the room. It is important for students to arrive on time; coming into the classroom late results in missing announcements or instructions. Late arrivals can also cause disruptions among other students.


If a student is tardy due to a medical appointment and brings in a note from the doctor when he/she checks in, the tardy will not be counted toward demerits. Accumulation of more than five tardies in a semester will result in administrative action, including demerits, suspension, or expulsion.





If a student will be absent from school for personal reasons, the parent should send a signed and dated note to the School Administrator at least one week in advance.


Families should make every effort to schedule their vacations when school is not in session.


The teacher, in consultation with the administration, will determine the method and timing for homework makeup. One day per day’s absence will be allowed for the homework to be completed. Failure to turn in homework at the designated time will result in no credit given.





We ask that when considering withdrawal from school, the parent contact the School Administrator before a final decision is reached. All books and school-issued materials will need to be returned before a student is considered officially withdrawn. Business arrangements for withdrawal of students must be made in the financial office by the parent.




Computer Use


There are strict rules regarding use of the school computers. Rules are posted in the computer rooms and library. Any student who wishes to print from a disk or flash drive must have the computer instructor check for viruses and give approval for use. Failure to have the disk or flash drive cleared in advance may result in demerits for disregarding instruction. If a virus is introduced from the use of a disk flash drive, demerits may be issued for vandalism.


Emergency Procedures


Each classroom has posted the route to follow in case of a fire or tornado emergency.  Students in each class will be assigned to turn out the lights and close the doors.  NO talking in the halls will be allowed.  Students should go quickly to areas designated and remain quiet.  Special procedures will be followed in the case of severe weather.


Health Care


Parents will be contacted to pick up their child if he or she exhibits acute symptoms of illness (e.g., vomiting, fever) or contagious disease. This will always be in accordance with guidelines from the Missouri Health Department. Please notify the office immediately if your family contracts any contagious disease such as hepatitis, meningitis, rubella, measles, mumps, or chicken pox.

Children who appear ill, having a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, must be sent home. Students must be fever-free without the use of medication for 24 hours before returning to school. It is not uncommon for fever to be absent in the morning and recur later in the day. 

Any child with head lice or nits is not allowed to attend school. Our policy requires treatment and removal of all nits before the student may return to school.


Center Place Restoration School cannot be responsible for injuries incurred on school property or during school-related functions.





Students must be in compliance with all immunization requirements for school attendance according to Missouri State Health Laws. There is no grace period. Children can be exempt only for medical or religious reasons. The medical exemption must be signed by a physician and submitted to the school clinic. The religious exemption must be picked up from the Health Department by the parent, signed, and submitted to the school clinic.





Medication should be given at home if at all possible; however, if the physician’s orders indicate that it must be given during school hours, the medication may be administered at school by parental compliance (per Health Department requirements for private schools) with the following:


Prescription Medications: A parent or guardian must provide the medication in the original prescription bottle, plainly marked with the student’s name, physician’s name and phone number, date, name of medication, dosage, and time of administration; a completed Medication Consent Form must accompany the medication. (Medication Consent Forms are available as needed in the school office.)


Non-Prescription Medications: School personnel will not provide any non-prescription medications (including aspirin) at any time. Medications for colds, coughs, headaches, etc., will be given when sent to school in the original containers and accompanied by a Medication Consent Form. 


Please do not send any medications in envelopes, plastic wrap, lunch boxes, etc. All medicine must be in original containers. Your pharmacist will provide extra properly marked containers if you need. All medication must be kept in the health clinic.




Students may purchase the school lunch or bring their own. If a student brings lunch, please make sure that all items included are such that the student does not need assistance. Fast food or commercial food may not be brought in for lunch in the Sorensen Room. No caffeinated drinks will be served or sold in this building.



Parent/Grandparent Visitors: Please let us know at least one day in advance if you plan on visiting your child at lunch. Alumni/Student Visitors:  Permission from the School Administrator is required 24 hours in advance, and appropriate attire (girls – slacks and blouse OR below-the-knee dress OR below-the-knee skirt and blouse; boys – slacks and polo or dress shirt) must be worn. A maximum of one visit per semester is allowed. All visitors are asked to eat the school lunch or bring a sack lunch rather than bringing in commercial food.





CPRS cannot be responsible for any party or social event that is not officially approved or sponsored by Center Place Restoration School. All continued group functions following CPRS activities are to be in harmony with the policies governing CPRS. Families who sponsor activities in their homes following a CPRS event are encouraged to have those events be in harmony with school policy. Parents should check with the administration as to the official status of an activity as an approved CPRS event. Disregard for this procedure may result in corrective action, or in the case of blatant disregard, expulsion.





There will be no planned or surprise classroom parties, except those approved by the administration. Students are not to bring treats to school without prior approval by the administration.






Pick-Up Arrangements


Please have after school pick up arrangements taken care of before your child leaves home. If the arrangements change during the day, you may contact the school office before 3:15 PM and a message will be delivered to your student(s).




Weather-Related School Closing


At different times, there is a possibility of school being canceled due to the weather. During those times, the entire facility will be closed and extracurricular activities will be canceled.


If the decision is made to cancel classes before school starts in the morning, families are notified via email, local tv stations are contacted to include CPRS on their school closing list, and the school website, voice mail, and Facebook page will be updated.


In the rare event that school is dismissed early during the school day, parents will be notified via email. School personnel will remain in the building with students until they are picked up. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.




Attendance Procedures
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Emergency Procedures
Health Care
Pick Up Arrangements
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