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Our annual cost of operation is almost $600,000.  Approximately 34% of our income is from contributions. Almost half of those come from individuals like YOU.


We appreciate donations of all sizes. Even $5 and $10 denominations help make a huge impact in the lives of our students.


Click on the donation buttons below to make a small or large donation and help CPRS fulfill the original vision upon which it is founded.

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happy students grateful for donations


For those who wish to make a donation to Center Place Restoration School, the following avenues are available:



Adopt A Student - This program allows you to "adopt" a student, assisting in his/her tuition needs by monthly or annual contributions. Students who qualify for the Adopt A Student program come from families who have extenuating circumstances in terms of their financial status.



Tuition Assistance - This fund provides financial assistance to help families in need. The monies are used solely for tuition, and each family who wishes to receive assistance must submit paperwork to the CPRS Board of Trustees Finance Committee, who will review the request and award the monies as they see fit.


Programs - CPRS has a number of programs that you may wish to support, including drama, vocal music, instrumental music, athletics, etc. You may also wish to contribute to a specific department of your choice, such as religion, home economics, arts, etc.



Special Projects - When the need arises to have specific renovation or repairs done, we often have a special projects fund to help fill that need. Recent examples include parking lot repairs, roof repairs, heating and air conditioning maintenance, etc.

Center Place Restoration School operates with the help of generous contributions from supporters like you. 


In addition to the funds and programs listed, we accept contributions into our general funds, which are used for the day-to-day operations of the school.

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