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Parents' Covenant

*          I will pray for the faculty, staff, and administration of CPRS.


*          In our home, we will praise our children and encourage them to grow in character as we give credit to God for His blessings in

           their lives.


*          I will take an active interest in CPRS and consider it my obligation to share positive input with teachers and administration.

           When concerns arise, it is the duty of parents, teachers, and administration to frankly, yet humbly, communicate those

           concerns directly to the parties involved for the welfare of the children (i.e., Parental Appeal Process).


*          I will meet all of my financial obligations to the school as prescribed by Board policy. If possible, I will serve as a volunteer and

           contribute financially beyond my obligations as God directs me in the use of my stewardship.


*          As a parent, I will support and comply with the rules and guidelines given in the Parent/Student Handbook.


*          When visiting the school, I will dress appropriately for the situation, will follow all handbook rules, posted rules and regulations,

            and will conduct myself in a kind and Christ-like manner.




Teachers' Covenant

*          I will pray for CPRS students and their families.


*          In the classroom, I will praise students and encourage them to grow in Godly character as I give credit to God for His blessings

            in their lives. 


*          I will convey to children a message of love, redemption, and hope through Jesus Christ.


*          I will help children understand their need for Christ and the need to commit their lives more fully to Him as the Holy Spirit

            touches their lives in the classroom.


*          I will teach students to understand that God continues to reveal His will to man and that He answers prayer.


*          I will teach students to love God’s word and that it has a meaningful and practical application to their daily lives.


*          I will encourage students to view their school experience as preparation for service to others and as an opportunity to develop

            a more effective witness of Him.


*          When concerns arise for individual students, I will frankly, yet humbly, communicate those concerns directly to parents and

            administration when appropriate. It is inappropriate for me to convey a negative image of CPRS or students to others through

            distortion or an incomplete account of events.


*          I understand the importance of the rules given in this Parent/Student Handbook and in the Faculty Handbook, and will comply

           with the guidelines they contain.




Students' Covenant


*          I have read the CPRS Parent/Student Handbook and will obey and comply with all rules and regulations.


*          I will show proper respect to administration, faculty, support staff, fellow students, and others. If there are difficulties or

           disagreements, I will follow scriptural counsel for resolving problems, and will follow the directions listed in the Parent/Student



*          I will strive to keep my conduct above reproach by living, as best I can, the example set by Jesus.


*          I will respect the property of others and the entire CPRS facility in order to help keep it clean and presentable.


*          I realize that attending CPRS is a privilege, not a right, and that privilege may be withdrawn if I do not fulfill this Student’s



*          My attitude, conduct, and speech will be in harmony with school guidelines.




Code of Covenant Results


We hope the results of these covenants are:


*          A people who are concerned about their personal relationship with our Heavenly Father and daily walk with Him


*          A people who are concerned about the spiritual welfare and development of others


*          A people whose daily actions and speech reflect a Zionic life


*          A people who understand and accept the consequences of their behavior


*          A people whose personal standards and ideals reflect Zionic goals


Since attending CPRS is a privilege, parents and students who chose not to support the standards, goals, and objectives of CPRS will need to consider an alternative educational program.

Code of Covenant
Students' Covenant
Teachers' Covenant
Parents' Covenant
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