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To graduate with a diploma from Center Place Restoration School, students must complete the following course of study for a total of 25 credits:


English (4 credits)

Religion (4 credits)

Social Studies (3 credits)

Science (3 credits)

Math (3 credits)

Physical Education (1 credit)

Health (1/2 credit)

Fine Arts (1 credit)

Practical Arts (1 credit)

Personal Finance (1/2 credit)

Electives (4 credits)

Restoration Scholarships


High school students are assisted by the school counselor in planning for college or other continuing education programs. The staff makes every effort to keep abreast of the latest information in scholarships and other programs that may be of financial benefit to our students. Scholarship applications are updated regularly and are posted on this page and are available during school hours in the counselor’s office.


Three scholarship programs are offered directly through the Restoration and are available for CPRS students only. The Center Place Business Association Scholarship is funded and awarded by the CPBA; the Tower of Zion Scholarship is a privately funded scholarship; the Center Place Education Foundation Scholarship is funded by the CPEF.







A number of our graduates qualify for the Missouri ‘Bright Flight’ program, which offers funding for students who excel on the ACT test and attend a Missouri college or university.  Students who score a 30 may receive $1,000 annually over a 4-year college term.  Students who score a 31 or higher may receive $3,000 annually over a 4-year college term.

Additional Scholarships


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