Annual Calendar

The annual calendar includes the start and end date for the current school year, scheduled days off, and beginning and ending dates of each Tri-grading period and semester.

Monthly Calendar
The monthly calendar has important events and reminders of activities throughout the current month, including dates, times, and locations.
Annual & Monthly Themes
Our annual and monthly themes guide our chapel ministries throughout the year.  
Athletic Calendar
The athletic calendar includes dates, times, and locations for scheduled games during the current and upcoming seasons.  Because changes may occur, spectators are always advised to call the Athletic
Office to confirm information on games in advance.
CPRS offers daily school  lunches at affordable prices.  Students may bring their own lunch, purchase daily meals by cash, or purchase lunch tickets.
Individual meals are $2.25 for elementary and $2.75 for secondary. Tickets are available in increments of 5-, 10-, or 20-days.  











The CPRS building will be closed to students through April 24th due to the recommendation of the CDC and Jackson County Health Department. Education will be carried out remotely with teacher provision and supervision. Should our situation change, we will update the CPRS families immediately.

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