Audio Visual Materials / Literature


Audio/Visual materials and literature must reflect the standards and expectations of CPRS and must contain nothing that would be in contradiction to those standards. Materials must be 100% free of unacceptable language, vulgarity, violence, and bloodshed (within reason). Any exceptions must be approved by the School Administrator, and parents will be notified. Videos should have a MPAA rating of “G” (General Audiences). Videos with a MPAA rating of “PG” (Parental Guidance Suggested) will be allowed in cases where they adhere to the content requirements as previously stated. In all cases, videos must be previewed in advance and carefully screened by a faculty member or school employee. 



Commercial characters featured on personal items (backpacks, lunch boxes, school supplies, etc.) must be of a positive nature associated with Christian living. If you have questions, please check with the School Administrator prior to purchasing an item.




All fundraising must be approved by the School Administrator in order to be implemented in or through the school, students, staff, or any club, organization, or parent.




We have several ways of recognizing students on special occasions; therefore, balloons, flowers and gifts are not to be sent to school.  Items received for students will be kept in the office until the end of the day.



It is the responsibility of each student to take care of his own locker.  Lockers should be kept clean and orderly. Periodic locker checks are made. 


Students should use a combination lock and should never give their combination to other students, nor should a student open someone else’s locker. All personal items should be kept in the locker. The number of trips to the locker should be limited, to minimize the congestion in the hallway areas.

Lost & Found



All articles found at the school are sent to the main office, where they may be reclaimed during office hours. Any items remaining after several weeks will be disposed of or will be donated. Students are encouraged to mark all personal items that are brought to school.

Motor Vehicles


Students are not allowed to sit in vehicles on the premises before or after school, during the school day, or at any school function. A student must secure permission from the teacher and the office before going to his or her vehicle during the school day.


Any erratic driving observed on or near school grounds or at CPRS activities will forfeit the student’s rights for driving to and from school.




Solicitation is prohibited at Center Place Restoration School without the specific approval of the School Administrator. This includes, but is not limited to, the selling of tickets, candy, distribution of political material, or circulation of petitions.




Any student who brings a cell phone into the building must leave the device in his/her locker (which should be locked) or bag, and the device must be turned off. No students are allowed to use or have cell phones in their immediate possession during the school day unless the classroom teacher has given permission for a specific class-related purpose, such as looking up reference materials on the internet.


Cell phones and other electronic devices are not to be used by students for personal reasons during the school day without permission from the School Administrator. Unapproved use of cell phones/electronic devices (these include, but are not limited to, smart watches, ipods, laptops, tablets, etc.) will result in demerits for secondary students. Parents are asked to encourage their students to follow these rules by refraining from texting them during the school day. If there is an important message to deliver, please call the office.


If a student has an urgent need during the school day, he or she may use the office telephone with permission from the classroom teacher.