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Our Purpose
We consider children to be a gift and blessing from God and the future of the church.  We desire to partner with parents to offer our children a quality education that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities in their future.  Because we value a healthy and effective educational atmosphere, we seek  to do the following:
  • Instill a desire for godly character and equip students with skills necessary to excel in society
  • Provide for children a safe and nurturing environment where they can develop positive relationships with their peers
  • Teach children about God's love for them, our need for redemption, and the wonderful promise of hope in Christ's gospel
  • Lead children to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a daily reliance on the Holy Spirit through prayer, and a love of God's word
  • Teach effective witnessing skills built on commonalities and a love for all people
  • Instill a servant's heart by encouraging students to participate in service opportunities in the school, church, and community at large
Center Place Restoration School seeks to provide the best education possible by addressing the needs of the whole child.  We seek to help each student understand that God loves him; that God has a plan for his life; and that each person is accountable to God to achieve his highest potential.
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