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CPRS Could Be Right for You!

Can I afford a private school education?

With tuition rates among the lowest in the Kansas City metro area, CPRS offers three financial aid programs to assist families, including opportunities to volunteer or tuition reductions. These  programs depend on the needs and qualifications of the family.

Is CPRS really right for all ages?

CPRS is a family school with a unique atmosphere that offers students of different ages, from preschool through high school, the chance to work and play together in a safe and cooperative environment. Lifelong friendships are often fostered through interaction and involvement in our school events and activities. Many of our families enjoy the convenience of having all their students at one central location.

What about the extracurricular opportunities they'll miss?

Since CPRS is a small school with a close student-teacher ratio, students may participate in extracurricular activities. We offer a surprisingly wide variety of opportunities including athletics, stage performance, robotics club, student government, and our service club.

Will my children be academically prepared for the future?

Academic opportunities offer our students a wide variety of courses. Language arts, math, science, and social studies are emphasized. In addition to these core subjects, elementary specials include Spanish, music, art, P.E., and computers. In middle school, students add study skills and careers courses to their coursework. High school level courses branch out to include standard studies as well as college preparatory material in areas of language arts, science, and math. We offer 58 different classes on the high school level to accommodate a variety of academic abilities and interests.

Can my child still earn scholarships by graduating from CPRS?

CPRS students taking the ACT test have outperformed at the national and state level for 20 of the last 23 years. Those who choose to enter the work force immediately after high school find themselves well-prepared. Most of our students go on to higher education, whether at 4-year colleges, community colleges, or trade/technical school. Our graduates qualify for a wide variety of scholarships and financial opportunities. We are also pleased to offer qualified students the ability to be a part of the Missouri A+ program.

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